Secluded fresh water beach lodges on Lake Malawi

If you are looking for a beach retreat that hasn’t yet made it onto the map, this might just be the place.  Choose between a remote island and the Mozambican “coast” of Lake Malawi for an unusual, tranquil and tropical escape.  The lake is warm, clear and filled with a colourful array of tropical fish which makes it perfect for snorkelling, learning to dive or kayaking.  The choice of lodges is small but they are intimate and beautifully designed with a leaning towards community and conservation.

One of several lakes that line the floor of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, Lake Malawi (or Niassa) resembles a vast freshwater sea.  The lazy pace and fishing-based economy of the little villages very much resembles the coast, though it remains quite poor and undeveloped.  Tourism tends to be mainly backpackers or discerning independent travellers so it still retains a pleasantly non-commercial, authentic feel.

Posted by: Amanda Mitchell

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