Six places where they don’t grow brussel sprouts; a brief guide to an alternative Christmas

Brace yourself! Slade, Christmas carols on a loop, TV Christmas specials, to say nothing of the sprouts and stuffing. The Christmas machine is warming up and heading your way...

If it all sounds a little too scary then here's our potted guide to how you can avoid it all:

LOCK YOURSELF AWAY IN A MONASTERY in Bhutan.  Many people overlook Bhutan at this time of year, but  it's a great time to visit; crisp, dry, clear air, wood burning stoves, hot stone baths. Visit Bhutan’s most famous dzong Taktsang and discover a place where phallic symbols aren't rude (or funny)
HEAD FOR THE HILLS in Morocco.  Disappear for a few days, with your own private tented camp in the High Atlas and a camels to carry the kit. Then kick back in a Kasbah afterwards for a night or two.
PULL UP THE DRAWBRIDGE in India.  Take the chance to explore Rajasthan and the stunning hill forts of Amber, Chittorgarh, Gangron, Jaisalmer, Kumbhalgarh and Ranthamborethat which make up UNESCO's first ever serial cultural property listing
SPEND YOUR MONEY ON CONSERVATION NOT CRACKERS - in Kenya's Laikipia by visiting Borana or Lewa Downs and supporting their Lion and Rhino conservation efforts
BURY YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND in Namibia.  If you're looking for total solitude then head into the thousands of square miles of stunning dunes above Sandwich Bay and discover gemstones beneath your feet and sleep on bedrolls beneath the stars

Posted by: Alex

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