Trump This

There's a whole lot to think about right now, from the US Presidential Elections to Brexit and Panama, not to mention who's going to win Master Chef. These are important issues that demand our attention and occupy our mental space. But they're not the only reality.

Consider a different perspective for a moment. Take a seat on a boulder beneath the towering Rift Valley Escarpmment. Feel the warmth of the rock beneath you and listen. The silence is punctuated by calls of myriad birdlife - helmeted guinea fowl, francolins and numerous small birds drinking in the river bed.

In almost complete silence a herd of elephant emerges and crosses the sand to drink just a few metres from where you're perched. The only noises they make are the contented sighs and rumbles that accompany their drinking. This is a mesmerising and archetypal scene. There are no crowds and no cars. This is a memory that will stay with you until long after "The Donald" is a half remembered joke.

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Posted by: Alex

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