Visiting India with your family

We think India is a great destination for a family holiday.  Indians adore children and they are usually the centre of attention in an Indian household, so you and your family will be genuinely welcomed wherever you go.

With so many tempting options the real problem is trying to stop yourselves from doing too much. Long distances and journeys in India can be tiring but with our expertise we can plan a trip at a pace that suits you and your family.

In Rajasthan you can go riding on a camel or horse, scramble around forts and take delight in fariy-tale palaces, stay in a tented desert camp or splash in a pool complete with elephant fountains. In Kerala you can spend the day with a real elephant, paddle a canoe, cycle down quiet lanes and spend the night on a houseboat. Or, perhaps, walk between hill villages where you can stay in a simple traditional home and learn about local farming, enjoy a picnic by a river or a barbeque on fort ramparts.

In India you can let your children run barefoot around a temple shouting at blue-faced gods and no one will bat an eye. And if they eat dinner with their hands they’ll be doing it just a like a local. Teach your children a few basic words of Hindi and they’ll soon pick up more far quicker than you.

 Whatever you decide to do we know it’s vital you have the right kind of back up as and when you need it. At Natural High we ensure that you are fully but discretely supported throughout your trip so that you and your family can simply relax and have a good holiday.

For more ideas or to plan and book your family holiday to India, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Posted by: Andrea Hulme

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