Walking and watching elephants in the moonlight in Tanzania’s Tarangire

As G.K Chesterton wrote "The traveller sees what he sees and the tourist sees what he has come to see" and there is certainly no better way to see properly than by spending the night in a 'tree nest' with a full moon, watching hundreds of elephants, doing their thing, just beneath your feet. If seeing wild life is you priority then light mobile walking safaris are the best way to achieve this. Moving slowly through remote areas that are inaccessible to most road vehicles and therefore most people, you get the sense of being in the bush in the most authentic way possible.

This experience is heightened by the very fact you're travelling with a small, lightweight camp that moves with you. It's simple but elegant and comfortable camping and the beauty of it is, you really are off the beaten track with the privelege of being right in the wilderness, passing through very remote Masaai settlements that very few people can access. During the dry season in Northern Tanzania, which is when this trip runs, wildlife is concentrated around the areas where the water is and therefore the local knowledge of the guides is paramount in leading you to the right places.

This five day / four night safari is mainly on foot, with the occasional drive and the destination is a collection of water holes in the remote part of the Maasai Steppe. However walking is never about the destination but rather the journey itself and going slowly means you see the small things too; birds, insects, plants and tracks. After reaching the waterholes, you climb into the nest before sunset and just wait for the elephants to arrive. There can surely be few experiences that are as compelling as the sight of hundreds of these magnificent creatures just beneath your feet. The next morning you're awakened by the awesome sights and sounds of thousands of doves and sand grouse arriving on the water

Posted by: Caroline

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