What’s Madagascar like for a family holiday?

Madagascar is one of our favourite destinations for a family safari or holiday; there are plenty things for people of all ages to experience and enjoy. Wildlife here is harmless and young children will love being able to see many species up close including colour-changing chameleons with fast-flicking tongues, geckos that can lick their eyeballs and butterflies as big as your hand. With their large round eyes, long tails and playful antics, lemurs are instantly appealing to all.

 Exploring towns and villages can be educational and fun for all the family whether discovering unusual foods in the markets or sharing a meal with a local family in a house on stilts.  Malagasy people seem naturally friendly and will always do their best to keep children involved as much as possible. Our private guides are fantastic and activities can be easily adapted depending on your interests and energy levels on the day.  

There are plenty of family friendly lodges and hotels with the option of a large family room if you prefer to keep close to your little ones, or adjoining rooms for older children. Malagasy food is heavily rice based, but most hotels offer a mix of cuisine that will appeal to a variety of palates including excellent seafood on the coast. Breakfast is usually continental.

A few nights on one of Madagascar’s gorgeous beaches is a relaxing way to end your family holiday.

Posted by: Andrea Hulme

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