What’s the weather like in Zambia?

A brief overview of what to expect from the weather in Zambia at different times of year.  Advice on planning a safari to Zambia

June - August: Typically cool/cold nights and warm clear days.  The rains will have finished around May and so later in this period, the vegetation will have thinned out and the game will begin to concentrate at the available water sources.

September - November: Tempartures peak during this period, especially in the low-lying areas.  November can be a bit tricky as the rains could come early.  Generally the best time for game.

December - March: Rainy season.  Many camps close during this time as rivers flood and access becomes a problem.

April - May: Dubbed "Emerald Season", some camps open up and this is a great time to see birds and plantlife in their full glory.  It can be a bit chilly, especially at night and in the higher areas.

Posted by: Alex

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