When is the best time to visit Morocco?

Morocco was described in Michael Palin’s Sahara as a “cold country with a hot sun". This isn't a bad generalization for much of the year (apart from probably the summer months when almost everywhere except the mountains and coast is hot to very hot) and if you are unlucky, and the sun is in, you need to be prepared.

Having said that Morocco has a huge number of sunny days and even in winter warm sunny days are the norm. You should definitely take some warm clothing even if visiting during the summer months. Once the sun goes down it tends to be cool to say the least so if you're on one of our treks into the High Atlas or the desert then you need to be thinking thermals at hats at bed time (never have i longed for a good old fashioned nightcap more than in the middle of the High Atlas). Clearly the higher you go the cooler it will be.

In terms of the main areas we visit on our treks the following will give you an idea of which areas we'd recommend and when:

The Valley of Roses - Early April to early June and early September to late October

Toubkal Mountains and surrounding areas - Early March to Late June and September to late October

The Central High Atlas and surrounding areas - Early May to Mid-July and early September to Mid-October

Southern Morocco and the Sahara desert - Early November to Mid-March

Jebel Saghrou Mountains - November to late March

Essaouira & Atlantic Coast - March to late June October to late November

We specilaise in treks in the High Atlas and southern deserts of Morocco, so do get in touch if you'd like to hear more about what we offer.

Otherwise in general, the peak season is perceived as being from March to late June when the risk of rain has largely gone and before the full force of the summer heat arrives. However it is an ideal destination for the northern hemisphere winter months. November and December are usually months of clear blue skies and warm sunshine (average 21c (70f) in winter).

A light pullover would probably be worn throughout the daytime in Marrakech and swimming would only be enticing in a well heated pool but it is an ideal time for sightseeing, especially in Southern Morocco (Taroudant, Ouarzazate, Erfound) which can be very hot in the summer months. Essaouira on the coast has a warm Mediterrean climate – protected from the fierce summer heat by the onshore winds, however it can be windy during the first few months of the year. From mid July to mid September it can be very hot in the cities and southern Morocco. January and February are the months of highest rainfall.

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