When is the best time to visit Tamil Nadu

It’s fairly safe to say that it’s hot in much of Tamil Nadu for most of the year with daytime temperatures ranging from 30-40’C in the plains and its temple towns such as Madurai. Stick to December to February when it’s dry and humidity is at its lowest it’s utterly bearable when you travel with us (cold flannels and drinks in the icebox) and stay in our favourite (air-conditioned) little hotels and home-stays. Temperatures are at their lowest in January and Pongal (harvest) celebrations spill into the streets, with the lighting of bonfires, the horns of buffalo and bison are freshly painted and Rangoli floor patterns of coloured flour and rice adorn the front of houses.

Temperatures are modified by altitude and the forests, tea, coffee and spice plantations of the Western Ghats at 1000m plus are ideal for hiking along the border with Kerala, and estates such as Rajakkad are perfect for relaxing and walking to cooling waterfalls.

Take a look at our suggested Tamil Nadu itinerary to discover the highlights of India's most southerly state or get in touch to plan and book your trip.

Posted by: Andrea Hulme

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