When’s the best time to visit Namibia

Although for the most part Namibia's desert climate makes for good year-round travelling, there are some times of year when rain or heat make particular areas a bit touch-and-go. 

The most popular time to visit Namibia in general is from June to November.  June to August is fairly temperate during the day, but with cold nights (sometimes below freezing in the desert) and the wildlife is on the increase as the bush dries out.  Jump straight to our choice of the best experiences in Namibia.

From September, it starts to warm up and until early November, is the best time for game viewing although it is usually very dry and dusty. 

From November until March is the rainy season, although Namibia receives a fraction of the precipitation of neighbouring countries.  Often the rain builds through humid days, to great electric storms in the late afternoon which are dramatic and beautiful in the desert.  The rain generally doesn't spoil your activities, although it can sometimes be a bit overcast and grey around Etosha and the Central Highlands.

February is one of the best times to witness the desert in bloom, depending on when the rains arrive and how good they are. 

December can be boiling, particularly in the Namib when a lot of camps close in the face of 50°C heat.  This is when the whole of inland Namibia and half of South Africa descends on the coast, and to be honest, Swakopmund is best avoided at this time as it is rather overwhelming. 

April and May are great months to visit, with any vegetation still lush from the rains, the temperature pleasant and the days sunny.

The key thing to remember in Namibia is that the weather is changeable, both as you travel through the country, and also sometimes within the space of an hour.  Pack layers and be ready for a scorching sunny day to turn into a chilly, foggy afternoon or vice versa.

Got any questions about travelling in Namibia - do get in touch and we'll be happy to help. 

Posted by: Alex

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