When’s the best time to visit Zakouma National Park in Chad

The best time to visit Zakouma in Chad is the the dry season - which runs from November to May. Zakouma is completely inundated in the rains when getting around is virtually impossible and so it is effectively closed.

The Park becomes progressively drier and hotter as the dry season goes on. The game is fairly dispersed in November/ December and it is relatively cool, by January and February the outlying water dries up and the congregation of mammals and birds increases but the average temperatures remain tolerable at 25 to 30 degrees.

The end of the season (March / April) sees the highest concentration of game but with temperatures rising above 40°C and there is a chance of rain.

Natural High offers safaris to Zakouma in Chad - to find out more about these safaris contact Rod Tether who will be guiding the trips.

Posted by: Alex

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