Why I love Kenya (not just because there’s a free night on offer…)

With the chance to get one night free on a four night safari to Laikipia, there's never been a better time to go to Kenya

By Catherine Ronan

Having lived in Kenya for years and enjoyed many subsequent visits, I think it has to be one of the most beautiful countries in Africa.  It has everything: huge open plains, mountains, rivers, lakes and superb coastline.  Of course the wildlife is spectacular, not to mention the very active conservation efforts that go hand-in-hand with tourism in Kenya to protect endangered species.  

Unlike many parts of Africa you aren’t limited to sitting in a vehicle to look at the wildlife; you can go riding, walking with the Masai or Samburu, take a camel safari or hot air ballooning.  It's the perfect and fun place for young families and children can enjoy everything from rope-swings to tubing down rivers, mountain biking or fishing.

One place that offers most of this is Lewa House which is on the huge Lewa Downs Ranch near Mount Kenya.  The house is privately owned and runby 4th generation Kenyas.  It is non-malarial, easy to get to and children of any age can stay there.  What's more families will have a complimentary private 4x4 vehicle and private guide throughout their stay.

Lewa is home to rare (endemic) wildlife such as the Grevy Zebra and Reticulated Giraffe, and also protects a large number of both black and white rhinos.  If you spend 4 nights at Lewa House, one night’s accommodation is free of charge and one child is free of charge.  Children aged 21 years down are charged the child rate and there is no single supplement. (The offer is valid until 15th December and excludes travel in August) 

Posted by: Alex

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