Wildlife safari in Gorongosa, Mozambique

Gorongosa is one of those success stories that you wish you heard more often.  Following a devastating thirty year war, during which time anything bigger than a bunny rabbit was wiped out, the park has undergone a dramatic turnaround at the hands of an American philanthropist and his team of passionate wildlife experts.  Although there is still a way to go until it is back to the 1950s wildlife mecca that it was, Gorongosa’s lovely scenery, great birdlife and perfectly adequate game is worth visiting if you are keen to venture off the beaten track.  Another good reason to go is that there is, currently, just the one intimate tented camp, owned and run by Rob and Joss Janisch.  You can therefore enjoy their infectious enthusiasm for, and knowledge of the area and explore with more freedom and flexibility than many places allow.

Posted by: Amanda Mitchell

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