Zambezi River island escapes

Charming private little camps on the doorstep on the Falls, a million miles from mass-tourism

The childish delight of alighting from a boat on your own river island, bare feet in the sand, the gentle lapping of shallow rapids nearby and the calls of kingfishers.  Sound like paradise?  It's pretty close...

If you had just one day in Africa and wanted to see as much as possible, you’d hang out by a river.  A plethora of birds and animals rely on the rich vegetation for food, and of course, regularly visit to drink.  Trees are often magnificent along rivers, and the gentle lapping of the water is as good as any therapy.  You can find wild excitement in the rapids, while a gentle afternoon fishing in the dappled shallows, with a cool box close at hand, can be truly mellow.

The Zambezi has a few well-hidden little islands on which you can maroon yourself, like Sindabezi and the Islands of Siankaba.  Often reached only by boat or dug-out canoe, you relax or explore and feast your senses on the river’s many facets.  For visitors to Chobe or Victoria Falls, these little gems are often a restful choice, away from the busier attractions.

Posted by: Amanda Mitchell

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