Masai Mara camps - Richard’s Camp

Richard’s Camp

In the bush, size matters. Richard's camp has only eight tents tucked away in a patch of woodland close to the Mara River, and this is what makes it special. Being so small means guests get truly individual attention and it's how you'd like your home to feel if you lived in the Mara.

It's a second home for Richard and his partner Liz and their one year old son Willoughby, who spend a lot of their time here. It's full of their personalities and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. You'll get absolutely no sense of being processed, and the kind of homely hospitality can make you feel very much part of the whole scene.

Evenings by the fireplace with meals on your laps, or at the big table just outside can be very entertaining, if not deeply funny. It's set in a great game area in the Mara Conservation Area, and particularly in the dry season from March to October, you can expect a lot going on right around camp.

Elephants wandering past while you're having your dinner, for instance. One of the sacrifices of being in a great game area, right down by the plains, is the camp has to tuck away in the woodland to get the shade, and that means there are no views to speak of.

Richard, still does quite a lot of guiding, though he always has another guide around to help him out. He comes from a well known safari tribe and white Kenyan clan, the Roberts family, who can boast a few generations of serious bush experience.

Hints of a possibly eccentric past are in evidence around the camp. It's the only one we've seen with a full suit of armour in it for instance. Liz is an intrepid Canadian, and when she's there, which is not so much these days with the growing family, great company.

Their part of the Mara is in the Ol Choro conservation area - basically a Maasai group ranch leant over primarily to wildlife and tourism.

As Maasai cattle are allowed to graze roundabouts, the grass is kept short, this actually means a lot of game is attracted to the area especially in the dry season from March to August - on the whole, herd animals don't like long grass as it hides predators and makes un-nutritious eating

A recent addition to Richard’s Camp is the rather special River Camp. Tucked away an hour an a half from the original camp, it sits in 70 acres of private land along the Njageteck River.

It used to be Richard and Liz’s retreat when their son was born in 2006, but is now kitted out with seven tents that give a casually luxurious air to the place. This is the place to come to if you fancy a more secluded and intimate experience, with exceptional wildlife and a contemporary out of Africa feel.

A great deal of activities are on offer at both the River and Forest Camps, with day and night game drives at your disposal, and birding and bush walks that can take you down to the nearby Maasai village, if you want to add a bit of cultural flavour to the outing.

Scenic flights with Richard as your pilot can be arranged to swoop down over the Mara plains and land atop the escarpment where you can jump out for a stroll. A less racy option, but none the less breathtaking, is a hot air balloon ride. Whichever you choose to do, it’s sure to impress.

Incl. FB, soft drinks, beer, house wine & spirits, laundry, game & night drives, bush walks, airstrip transfer, cultural visits, bush meals. Excl. Balloon trips, champagne & premium spirits, Maasai fees for cultural visits.

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