Coquerel's Sifaka regularly dance across the lawn (like nobody is watching)

The glorious juxtaposition of being somewhere properly wild, yet incredibly comfortable

The Fossa - Madagascar's largest mammalian predator, much sought after and frequently sighted in the reserve

450 hectares of Madagascar's dwindling dry deciduous forest is being well protected


Effortless wildlife watching from a Relais & Chateau 4 star hotel with a raft of things to see and do - all set within a private reserve undertaking important conservation work. This is about as good as it gets and there's very little not to like.

So if you fancy going on holiday to Madagascar - with the emphasis on holiday - but you'd like to see a few of lemurs, and endemic birds, and reptiles, and plants - then Anjajavy is extremely likely to tick every box.

Coquerel's Sifaka, Common Brown Lemur, Grey Mouse Lemurs, Milne-Edwards Sportive Lemur and Western Fat-tailed Dwarf Lemus all live in the protected forest - as do Fossa, Madagascar's largest mammalian predator. Whales, dolphins and turtles occur in the bay that your extremely well-appointed rosewood villa looks out at. There are tsingy limestone formations, caves, mangroves, mighty baobabs, outstanding coral reefs and no less than 12 pristine private beaches. You can swim and snorkel, go deep-sea fishing, water skiing or kayaking, have a massage or just flop about on the beach or by the pool. Yet even doing nothing you could see flocks of bright green Grey-Headed Lovebirds, Sickle-Billed Vangas, Crested Ibises, Crested Couas, Madagascar Fish Eagles and Vasa Parrots - none of which you need to be a twitcher to appreciate.

So in short a huge number of Madagascar's attractions are, literally, on your doorstep - in an extremely comfortable, safe and beautiful setting. And even more heartening is that the management really know their Natural History and the guiding is first class.

Three nights is the minimum booking requirement here - although five would be better - and the duration of your stay is determined by the scheduled charter service with links the island to Tana near seamlessly three times a week.

If you'd like to experience Madagascar, but are less concerned about finding out first-hand the pitiful state of the roads, or just how chaotic the markets are - or if you have a passion for wildlife that your partner doesn't share, Anjajavy is a lovely spot with a refreshing amount of soul.

450 hectares of protected forest bordering the sea View slideshow


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