Damaraland & the Northwest camps - Namibia Mobile Safari Camp

Namibia Mobile Safari Camp

Our approach with Light Mobile Camping has been to emphasize the ingredients that give a safari its unique flavour - an excellent guide, access to the best wild areas, great food and a comfortable camp – while minimizing the cost on things that most people can do with out in the context of a safari…namely the bling. Many of Africa’s wildest areas are in areas where there is no permanent accommodation so therefore a mobile is not only the best, but often the only way to see these places.

At the heart of the camp is its lightness of touch – it can move to be in the right place at the right time, and it’s able to come and go with minimal impact on the exceptional areas we access with it.  At this camp you can expect simple but excellent meals. Wherever possible, dining is en plein air and at night the canopy of stars is vastly superior to even the most elaborate of dining rooms.

This mobile camp is of the "everything you need but nothing you don't" ilk.  Large (3 metre x 3 metre) Dome tents with camp beds, proper linen and duvets, fold-up canvas sink, bucket shower, and a “short drop” bush loo.  There are three hearty meals a day (and this is a real feat when travelling through the desert) and cold drinks, and all of this is accomplished with virtually no input from you. 

Needless to say, the people are what makes a mobile safari.  The guide and camp crew walk a fine balance between making the whole shebang run efficiently, and maintaining a relaxed, often jocular atmosphere throughout the trip.

Mobile safaris are all about the journey and a truly exceptional way to gradually explore your way through an area moving every day or two.

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