The Namib Desert camps - Wolwedans Dune Lodge

Wolwedans Dune Lodge

Between two sets of picturesque rugged mountains is a ridge of red dunes that have been anchored in place by a sparse covering of clumpy grass. Surprisingly high, the dips and curves of the dunes create a surreal location for Wolwedans Dune Lodge. Raised above the sand on wooden walkways, the main lodge is a assortment of quite sitting-rooms, private dining rooms and a friendly bar. Each part of this attractive tented collection is filled with books, leather armchairs and interesting photos. It almost feels like you’re staying in some colonial pioneer’s base-camp.

It’s worth adding here that the food at Wolwedans is exceptional; the owner has a passion for good cuisine and also owns a restaurant in Windhoek called NICE. His “Desert Chefsî produce multi-course delights of real quality from the simple kitchen.

The tented rooms at Wolwedans spread out on either side of the main area and overlook one of the most incredible views you are ever likely to have the privilege of seeing. At night, the stars are positively glaring, there being no light pollution to inhibit their brilliance. They are large and airy, with private verandahs and a big bathroom. You can sleep with your tent wide open because ther are no mosquitoes...hurrah! Water, drawn from underground aquifers, is a problem here so the camp asks you to be thrifty with it and to avoid sending laundry if at all possible.

Perched atop the dune with a nice view of the sunset, is a small lap pool (originally intended as a reservoir in case of fire) which is a fabulous place to spend the afternoon – swinging in a hammock in the breeze. There is a waterhole below the main area that attracts a good number of oryx throughout the day. The oryx are sometimes to be found taking shade under the decking of the lounge which is quite an unusual sight.

Activities here focus on drives that take in the stunning landscapes and learning about the desert-adapted species (zebra, ostrich, oryx, springbok) that you find here. There are also some interesting plants and smaller critters like the white lady spiders and barking geckos.

Wolwedans is a beautiful place with a peace and enormity that is rare in our world. Simply spending time taking it all in is good for the soul.

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