Serengeti National Park camps - Sabora Tented Camp

Sabora Tented Camp

Sabora Plains Tented Camp is located in the Sabora Plains of the Grumeti Reserve on the western edge of the Serengeti National Park.  The camp has a strong colonial theme, with the 9 vast air-conditioned tents all set on wooden decks with a veritable ocean of persian rugs and cushions scattered throughout, giving off a rich colour contrast to the surrounding plains.  Large wooden sleigh beds, beautiful swede covered sofa's, antique carved wooden trunks, leather bound books and swathes of silk curtains complete the opulent interior of the tents.

As a rule, Singita Lodges generally don't hold back on any extravagence; your tea and coffee in the morning will be served using in immaculate silver and china, drinks will be out of cut crystal glasses and as you eat cucumber sandwiches and enjoy champagne whilst watching a game of tennis, it's easy to imagine a life once led by the white hunters of the bygone era...although the truth is it's doubtful they'd have imagined such opulence in the bush in their wildest dreams.

All that aside, given that most of the 'trimmings' you can find in any good hotel around the world, what makes Sabora really worth considering is its wonderful combination of complete freedom, flexibility and exclusivity within some incredible bush country with good game through much of the year. Now that's the REAL treat.

Game vieiwing here is exceptional with access to a completley private concession bordering the Serengeti. Resident game is good year round and in June and July, the wildebeest migration sweeps through on its way north.  Bored you will never be - Sabora caters for everyone's needs with playstations and board games, horse riding, archery, croquet and tennis, being just a few things which you can do over and above your daily game viewing. Recently a fancy spa with its own gym has been added incase anyone thought there wasn't enough on offer already.

price includes accommodation, food, drinks, laundry, activities and transfers.

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