South Luangwa National Park camps - Mupamadzi Mobile Safaris

Mupamadzi Mobile Safaris

The Mupamadzi Mobiles are unusually expeditionary in their nature and all the better for it. A truly old-school foot-safari deep in the wilderness where the game is properly wild and you won’t see another soul. There's even an unusually high minimum age restriction of 21 or over - this really is an exceptionally grown-up safari.

You can read more about when, where and why to go on a walking safari in Zambia here or take a look at our 5 best safari camps for walking safaris.

These trips kick-off in the middle of June and are all packed-up for a final time at the beginning of October. The twenty or so fixed-date departures are perpetually popular and generally booked-out many months, if not years, in advance.

The first night is spent at Nkwali where you will meet your guide and receive a full-briefing of what lies ahead - being selected to lead a mobile is the apex of a guide's career and so you are guaranteed to be in the company of the very best.

The safari starts in earnest the following day with a 5 hour drive up to the Mupamadzi - en–route you are likely to see some game, including the possibility of the unusual such as Roan or Lichtenstein's Hartebeest, but much more importantly the journey is a demonstration of the scale of this park and how remote you are getting. The wildness of the Mupamadzi is a world away from the busy Mfuwe area.

The five nights on the mobile are typically spent in 3 separate sites – the camp being packed up and moved every couple of days with your belongings miraculously reappearing in a new setting exactly where you left them in the last - and the logistics of the operation are undoubtedly part of the intrigue.

The Mupamadzi is a clear-running tributary of the Luangwa so you will often wade ankle-deep from one side to the other to explore the opposite bank. The area is most famous purely for being wild but there are a couple of Plains (the Chifungwe and Lundu), unusual in the Luangwa, which offer the enticing chance of spotting some esoteric species otherwise absent in the park.

Your final stay will be spent, together, at Nsefu or Tena Camp – providing the opportunity to perhaps seek a species or two missed further north and compare the Luangwa riverine forest to that of a smaller river - and generally de-brief about the mobile experience.

By the very fact that you are all on the journey together, there is a feeling of camaraderie between the guests and crew that would be hard to find on a more conventional safari and it is a huge credit to Robin Pope Safaris that although these mobiles were pioneered in the early 1990's they continue to feel as fresh and ground-breaking as they ever did. Added to this is the commendable job in not bowing to the pressure to luxurify-everything-safari and the shower is under a tree and the loo an old-style long-drop – as it should be.

A Robin Pope Safaris' Mupamadzi mobile lends itself well to extending a few days in the Luangwa – or heading off to Lake Malawi, the Lower Zambezi or Livingstone for a spot of R&R – talk to us about a Robin Pope Safaris Mupamadzi Mobile

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