Our family safaris are designed to let you explore quiet, game rich areas away from the crowds.  Excellent guides and wildlife will keep children (big or small) on the edge of their seats. 

If you're thinking of taking a safari with your children, it's likely you'll be looking for a way to focus on the bits that really matter (first class wildlife, a safe pair of hands, plenty of good simple food) while keeping a check on costs that children may not appreciate (sophisticated luxury, spas, someliers). We've lived and travelled in Tanzania for many years and we've become very experienced in designing adventures for families that do just this. 

Simple comfortable camps, great game

We like to inject plenty of variety into these trips - in terms of the activities, the areas we visit, and the style of accommodation. However, as the lynchpin to hang the trip on we'd recommend spending at least a few days on safari in a traditional tented camp. With camp fires, bucket showers and meals under the African night sky these are safaris that will thrill children of any age. Tented camps come in many styles (and some can be very elaborate) but our light tented camps like this one in the Serengeti offer a great balance between flexibility, comfort and cost which make them ideal for families.

These camps are shared, but all game driving is in your own private vehicle with a highly experienced guide. This means you can plan the day entirely to suit yourselves without having to worry about other guests whose interests may not chime with yours and your kids.

If you're interested in getting further off the beaten track then we also offer fully mobile safaris using a simple but excellent light mobile camp. These mobiles are ideal for getting into remote areas where there are no permanent camps of lodges, such as the stunning Gol Mountains on the eastern edge of the Serengeti. Using a comfortable (proper sheets and duvets), but simple tented camp, we have a virtually blank canvas when it comes to planning your trip and each one is planned from scratch with your family and your interests in mind, as well as the time of year you're traveling.

Watch our Family Safaris Video

Family Safaris with Natural High from Natural High Safaris on Vimeo.


To fit with the holidays

Tanzania has plenty to offer that coincides with school holidays.  For example between July and October (including October half term) we'd aim to get you and into the northern Serengeti to see the wildebeest crossing the Mara River for your game fix.

We'd combine this with a spell in the southern reaches of Tarangire or Manyara, or other areas of the Serengeti which you can have almost to yourself once the migration has passed on.  It's also well worth while taking in the Ngorongoro Crater, although this comes with a health warning when it comes to (unavoidable) tourist concentrations.  The unique geography makes it worth while though.

For February half term you may want to consider getting into the Southern Serengeti in time to see the wildebeest migration giving birth and then head to Tarangire for unparraleled elephant viewing. 

In April the Gol Mountains are magical and where you should head if you're looking to get away from it all over the Easter holidays.

Leave the car behind...

A safari like this isn’t all about rattling around in a landrover counting animals; Tanzania is full of outstanding places where you and your family can walk including within the Serengeti itself.   If you’re feeling really adventurous we can arrange for you to spend the night in a tree-nest watching elephant drink by the light of the moon

If you'd like to discuss some ideas we'd be happy to put together some ideas and prices for you to look at - say the word and we'll get the ball rolling. Alternatively for a little inspiration, watch our video