Adventures in Africa's Deserts and Mountains

Golden dunes that stretch in sculpted waves as far as the eye can see, remote mountain passes far from trappings of the modern world.

The scale of the wilderness in Africa's deserts and mountains takes the breath away. And makes them spellbinding places to explore.

In the deserts of Southern Morocco and the High Atlas Mountains we travel far from the beaten track using private camps carried on the backs of beasts - camels do the work in the desert, hardy mules in the mountains.

These dramatic regions run in the very DNA of our Berber guides, while the crews who set up and transport the camps have been living and travelling these areas for generations.

At the other end of the continent we use expeditionary camps to explore the immense deserts of Namibia. From the dunefields of the Namib Desert, through the wild Skeleton Coast and north through Damaraland to the ethereal beauty of the Hartmann Valley.

To travel in these remote elemental places with an experienced guide is without doubt the trip of a lifetime.


How do I get to see these places?

We run expeditionary safaris in Morocco and Namibia. They're excellent value even if you're travelling as a couple and even better for families or groups of friends wanting something truly memorable. Take a look at a sample trip in Morocco, one in Namibia and one in Botswana

I'd like a taste (but not a marathon)

We take care to mix up the accommodation to get a good balance - and that depends on you and what you want.

So while a trip like this might be the backbone of the safari for 4-5 days, we'll ring the changes, staying in small lodges, kasbahs and auberges if you're in Morocco.

We'll discuss the right balance with you and tailor it to you, so if you're after something longer that's fine too. Drop us an email to find out more

Do I have to be some kind of survival nut for this?

No. These trips are for ordinary people wanting to do something extraordinary. Mobile camps are designed to move, so they're about intelligent packing, but that doesnt mean they're uncomfortable. And some of our mobiles are lavish - for example our Moroccan Luxury Desert Camp

Any good for families?

Absolutely. One of the best and most freeing experiences you can have as a family is to strike off with a mobile camp into a properly wild area in the safe hands of one of our expert guides.

Going off-grid is exhilarating for kids and parents alike. You'll also remind yourself what you did before the internet came along.