Mobile safaris are one of the few, and best, ways to properly experience the remote northwest of Nambia

Comfortable vehicles make the long days enjoyable, and cosy but simple camps set up in virgin spots every couple of days mean that each new day will bring fresh adventure and new territory to explore.  We also find that travelling by land gives you a greater connection with your surroundings, allowing you to appreciate the transition from one unusual landscape to another, feeling more like an intrepid adventurer than a momentary visitor: somehow the experience is more ingrained.

One of the finest things about a mobile safari is the random places you’ll stop off for a leg-stretch and coffee served on the bonnet, or have an impromptu picnic under a tree with not a single other human in sight.  Equally, the camaraderie of your guide and travelling companions, and the friendships that develop are all part of the fun.  More often than not the jokes and shared experiences persist between people long after the safari ends.

Namibia's vast emptiness presents an ideal opportunity to get out and roam without the need for a permanent base or a structured time-table.  The harshly beautiful landscape of the Kunene region is home to only the nomadic, ochred Himba people and a number of desert-adapted species. Venturing through the wide valleys and unusual rock formations of this inhospitable place, you can truly feel as though you are the only person on earth.  Entire days go by without seeing any sign of another person, and your camp-fire at night is likely to compete only with the stars.

Mobile safaris rank highly in our choice of the best ways to explore Africa, especially if you really want to venture off the tourist trail and get amongst nature in a very “real” way.  There is absolutely nothing that beats early morning tea brewed on a smoky fire, or the fact that there is just a sheet of canvas between your and miles and miles of unspoilt Africa.  A bucket shower after a long safari day is quite the most exquisite thing, and does a better job than your therapist of calming your mind and soothing your soul.  It really is hard to sum up so the only thing for it is to get out there and experience it for yourself.