Ladakh’s remote and hidden valleys in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas offer a tantalising adventure. Staying in village houses ensures you’re welcomed and rustically comfortable.

Ladakh is one of the remotest and harshest places on earth. Flying in to Leh, heart-in-mouth as you weave through mountains and over the Indus to the short landing strip, is the starting point for our private walks and cultural discovery. Here the little villages that dot the high altitude desert seem almost untouched by time and the region remains the last stronghold of true Tibetan Buddhism.

In seven villages a traditional house, beautifully renovated by Ladakhi craftsmen, for up to six people is yours exclusively for the night or longer. In addition to smiling staff from the local community your private chef prepares meals in kitchens lined with copper pots – he’d love to give you a cooking lesson one evening if interested. The houses are simple but at night you’ll fall asleep between fine linen sheets in a bed warmed with hot water bottles on a chilly night, and wake in the morning to an indigo sky.

The days spent walking are a time of peace, isolation from the 20th century world and spectacular scenery. The walking is gentle – but can be adapted each day to give you more of a challenge (we can even arrange an ascent of Stok Kangri 6100m if you’re happy to spend a few nights camping) and the thin air takes your breath away and any exercise becomes more of an effort than usual.

On hikes between fields you’ll find barley and wheat lovingly tended by wiry Ladakhis - families work collectively and precious water is carefully diverted from mountain streams into ancient irrigation channels to coax the dry land into life. Throughout your village experience your charming guide will help you discover India’s living culture andbe on hand as you visit ancient monasteries and temples, meet with a lama or even the local oracle.

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For more details give us a call and we’ll be happy to create your unique personal itinerary and book your trip.