Botswana has it all - superb wildlife, real adventure, world-class camps plus a few experiences unique to the country - here's our selection of what you could do:

1. Ride a Mokoro through the heart of the Delta

Being poled through the delta by a guide, moving nearly silently through the delta encountering large mammals and colourful birds at eye-level, is the ultimate means to experience the Okavango and an experience unique to it.

2. Take an Expeditionary Mobile Safari

Proper adventure is alive and well in Botswana - in a country that has become synonymous with some of the most extravagant lodges on the continent, it's perhaps surprising that authentic old-style safari is very much a viable option here. "Wet" and "Dry" Mobile Safaris are the ultimate way to get off the beaten trail. Perfect for families or a group of friends there is also the chance to join like-minded participants on fixed departures. There is a whole spectrum of operators from those with silver-service dining through to simple dome tent but what they all have alike is the ability to get you on the road less travelled.

3. Be badgered by Meerkats

Possibly the most endearing animal in all of Africa, spending time in the company of Meerkats is a hugely memorable and fun experience. Range restricted to the south-west corner of Africa, the Makgadikgadi Pans offer some of the best opportunities to visit a habituated group. Living in tight-knit families it is impossible not turn all gooey and anthropormphic as these charismatic little mongooses clamber over you in search of a better vantage point, chattering away to each other incessantly.

4. Settle-in to Africa's most iconic camps

Botswana has more than its fair share of groundbreakingly stylish and unique camps. Jack's, Mombo, Abu's, Duba Plains are all names that resonate far beyond Botswana's borders among the cognoscenti and have subsequently become points of safari-pilgrimage in their own right. Always set in places of outstanding natural beauty these properties tore-up the utilitarian rule book of old and replaced it with world-class chic, making Africa as attractive a destination as anything St Tropez, Gstaad or the Hamptons might have to offer.

5. Sleep out under a billion stars

Light pollution? Not an issue in the middle of a dried-up lake the size of Switzerland with a resident population of zero. Lie-out under the stars and watch the constellations ark accross the sky and kiss the horizon. Shooting stars cross paths with satellites as the astronomical clock of the Ancient Greeks meets the Space Age. Makes you wonder what it's really all about - profound insights probable.