Moving with your own private camp over several days, taking only what allows you to fully appreciate your surroundings. On a proper mobile safari, the journey becomes the destination.

In a remote wilderness far from the modern world, things we’d normally take for granted become the ultimate luxury. Delicious, freshly cooked meals eaten under the stars. Hammocks slung in the deep shade of a Tamarind tree to snooze away the heat of the day with a good book. A glass of whisky round a campfire after a day in the bush. 

Mobile safaris offer a rare opportunity to strip life back to a level of intelligent simplicity. To leave behind everything that isn't essential, and focus the mind on the things that really count. And of course the stars of these trips are the people who make them happen: guides who know the ground like the backs of their hands, cooks and camp crew who set up your home from home each night.

Travelling light

At the heart of this approach to travel is mobility. To explore an area properly you need to move. To move you need to be light on your feet. And to be light on your feet you need to be clever about what to take. But this is also about limiting our impact on pristine wildernesses.

Journeys like this are greater than the sum of their parts. The sense of fulfilment builds like a play in several acts, with secrets revealing themselves slowly as you cover the ground. The joy you’ll feel afterwards is truly profound – and it's likely you'll be hooked.


So will I be roughing it?

We tailor all of our trips to you, so we won’t recommend something that takes you out of your comfort zone (unless you ask us to). Compromises on comfort are never without reason: a night in a tree nest may not promise the best night's sleep, but it's worth it to watch elephants drinking by moonlight below you. And you’ll still be looked after superbly.

Do I need to be fit?

Many of these trips involve some walking, but plenty involve travelling by boat or by vehicle. When walking is involved distance is rarely as important as time. Again, we tailor the trip to the level of activity that suits you so will recommend appropriate itineraries. 

Is this a way of saving money?

Don’t think of these as 'budget' trips. Sometimes, what seems most simple is actually the most rewarding – and challenging to set up. It’s easy to underestimate the logistics and costs that go into trips like this. What you’re paying for is the quality and experience of your guide, the luxury of getting into wild places on your own and the skill of a crew to deliver all the little luxuries – hot water, great food etc. – in often testing conditions.