The combination of wilderness, big game and real freedom to get on your own two feet is something that’s increasingly hard to find these days, but this corner of Northern Tanzania, lying between the Northern Rift Valley, the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Highlands offers just that.

The wide volcanic plains and mountain ranges of this remote region are deeply seasonal; dry as a bone for one half of the year, but paradise the other.   So there are no lodges here, and the only crowds you’ll encounter are wildebeest.

At a time of year when most people consider Tanzania to be off season, this area is possibly at its very best.  Between December and May - rains permitting - the area turns a vibrant green becomes one of our favourite places on the planet.  Somewhere to quietly explore with a little mobile camp.  Early morning walks to explore the Ol Karien Gorge with Maasai guides, long lazy picnics in the shade of trees and night drives in neighbouring Loliondo.