Fly camping is minimalist camping par excellence.  Above all it’s about experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of the African night; myriad stars, the noise of elephant foraging near camp, the calls of hyenas, leopard and lion.  Frills are restricted to the essentials: good simple food, cold drinks and a comfortable bed-roll.  And there's a ranger of course so you dont need to fight the animals off with your toothbrush.

By day, you'll walk with your guide to a secluded location on a dry riverbed or island to find your camp set up.  In the evening you'll have drinks barefoot by the campfire, eat under the stars and sleep (if you can) in the wild as never before.  Few experiences better illustrate the idea that less really can be more.  Do it for a night, or as part of a longer walking safari.  Just make sure you do it.

Of course the flycamp is just part of this experience, but being lightweight and mobile, it's the thing that allows you to explore the Selous Game Reserve on foot over a couple of days or more without having to return to base.  The Selous, with its small-scale changes from river to open plains, sand rivers, woodland and lakes is an environment that lends itself superbly to exploring on foot.  This experience is the perfect tonic to rattling around in a landrover and one that gradually soaks in as you immerse youself in the wild over a period of time.  Days are spent walking in the cool of the day - gentle walks, not hikes - while the heat of the day is spent lolling in deep shade, quietly watching game at a lakeshore, reading and even snoozing.