Forts and palaces - from the iconic to the forgotton

Take in dreamy views of a bright blue city. Walk in the footsteps of legendary heroes as you stroll deserted ramparts. Linger in a mirror-spangled room decorated with peacocks and gods. To explore India’s forts and palaces is to immerse yourself in this proud country’s unconquerable spirit and captivating living history.

From the world renowned to the barely remembered, India abounds with impressive forts and opulent palaces. To us, it's the mixture of both that makes things really intriguing.

We look beyond the obvious to discover the hidden depths. We’ll visit a city’s highlight, then scratch beneath the surface – unlocking doors to magical places that normally remain unseen. With us as your guide, head further afield and lose yourself among pavilions and domes. Or discover the historic traditions that continue to this day. Join locals as they pay tribute to their prince, or even discover riches and treasures in the company of their royal owner.

When it comes to exploring India’s forts and palaces, the closer you look, the more you see. Get in touch – we’d love to share our secrets. 


Can I stay in a fort or palace?

India must be the only place in the world where you can find yourself sleeping in a king’s bed having only recently met his descendants over a gin and tonic and an update on the latest cricket results.

There are opulent retreats restored to their original splendour, complete with five-star facilities and swimming pools with views to die for. But there’s character and charm to be found in simpler places, too, with mazes of steep stairways and narrow corridors to explore and old four poster beds so high you need steps to climb up to them. Plumbing in these may be a little antiquated but is more than compensated for by traditional Rajput hospitality, delicious meals prepared to secret family recipes and hosts ready to attend to your every need.

How do I find these places?

Many of India’s forts and palaces are situated in Rajasthan. But as this state alone is almost the size of Germany, plan ahead to enjoy the diversity of the cities, rural towns and villages at a leisurely pace. We regularly make our own trips to revisit old favourites and seek out the new, scoping where to stay and how to link places of interest together to create the best tailor-made tours.

What’s the best way to get around?

We recommend focussing your trip around one area as distances can be long and journey times slow. Flights can be a good choice when covering longer distances between major cities. To travel at a more leisurely pace, the train makes for a more comfortable, though not necessarily faster, journey than going by car.

If you choose to go by road, we’ll provide you with an air-conditioned car and an experienced, local driver who knows how to cope with chaotic conditions such as meandering cows and motorbikes going the wrong way up a dual carriageway. That way, you can just sit back and enjoy the views.