For inquisitive minds and families seeking something less ordinary India offers endless possibilities for an unforgettable holiday.

If you’re taking your children to India you’ll no doubt want to expose them to its vibrancy, history and culture of India, but stop short of traumatising them with sensory overload . . . leave that until they're travelling on their own. India is enormous and with the huge variety of landscapes, people, culture, wildlife and activities on offer the choices for your India family holiday are almost mind-boggling. With so many tempting options the real problem is trying to stop yourselves from doing too much and biting off more than you can chew, but experience has taught us that it’s best to dive into the India experience at a manageable pace.

Much of the richness of India is about incidental meetings and stumblings-upon in bazaars and markets as it is about visiting one of the country's thousands of cultural sites. To get the balance right depends on having the flexibility to respond to what you happen-upon, and a good enough guide who’ll ensure that you're in the right places at the right time. Being with a guide who has the nous to notice when the children's eyes are glazing over and the ability to engage you and your family in an appropriate level of detail is central to things going well.  It's the difference between an inspiring speaker and an annoying taxi driver.

One of the first things you'll notice is that Indians adore children; they’re invariably the centre of attention in an Indian household, so you and your family will be genuinely welcomed wherever you go. You can let your children run barefoot around a temple counting blue-faced gods and no one will bat an eye. And if your little ones prefer to eat dinner with their hands, so much the better - they’ll be doing it just a like a local. Teach your kids a few basic words of Hindi and they’ll soon pick it up more far quicker than you.

Long distances and journeys in India can be tiring but we put a great deal of time into planning a trip that suits you, making sure that you get to do things that really interest you instead of spending your holiday stuck in a vehicle. And with the flexibility of having your own private car with driver and a knowledgeable guide just where one’s useful your India family holiday can be enjoyed more at a walk or trot rather than a gallop.

India family holiday ideas

In Rajasthan you can go riding on a camel or horse, scramble around forts and take delight in fariy-tale palaces and meet a real live prince, stay in a tented desert camp, splash in a pool complete with elephant fountains or enjoy a barbeque on fort ramparts.

In tropical Kerala you can spend the day with a real elephant, paddle a canoe, and spend the night on a houseboat or in neighbouring Tamil Nadu throw butterballs at gods in temples.

For wildlife enthusiasts the jungles of Kanha are home to tiger, and the quiet lanes between villages nearby are peferct for exploring by bicycle.

Or, perhaps, head north to the hills of Darjeeling and Sikkim and walk between villages where you can stay in a simple traditional home or colonial plantation bungalow and learn about local farming or enjoy a picnic by a river.

Whatever you decide to do we know it’s vital you have the right kind of back up as and when you need it. At Natural High we ensure that you are fully but discretely supported throughout your trip so that you and your children can enjoy the frenetic energy of India while still having a relaxing family holiday. Contact us if you'd like some help planning your next trip.