For families who want to give their children an authentic cultural experience among spectacular mountain scenery, Nepal offers the ideal adventure

Epic mountains, a fascinating mix of cultures and a diverse mix of activities in Nepal add up to make an unforgettable family holiday. There are plenty of chances to get stuck in, discover a life that’s as far removed from home it can be, broaden your horizonsand spend quality time together as a family.  

For lovers of nature, mountains and the outdoors we offer a choice of treks and shorter hikes tailored to suit families, mountain biking and rafting. Activities range from riding (and washing) elephants in search of tigers and wildlife safaris to vibrant ceremonies and festivals in the Kathmandu Valley, not to mention Kathmandu’s bazaars, which are a tantalising assault on younger senses. The diminutive size of Nepal means that it’s realistic for your family to pack the highlights into a two week holiday. 

Kathmandu with your family

In ancient Kathmandu we recommend touring the city in the back of a cycle rickshaw for an elevated view of life before hiking up to the sacred Monkey Temple at Swayambhunath to spin prayer wheels in the company of red- robed monks for good luck for your journey. 

The bazaar in the centre of Kathmandu perpetually bustles attracting shoppers from all over to buy food, spices and textiles as the occasional goat wanders nonchalantly by and commuters stop at shrines to say a prayer.

If you’d like to get a bit of cycling into your holiday then the quiet cross-country hill roads in the valley beyond are ideal for a few hours – or a few days – of pedal pushing at a leisurely pace.

On foot among giants

The traffic-free streets of Bhaktapur are perfect for exploring on foot among the statues of giant wrestlers which guard  golden-topped temples (you might want to quickly steer your children past Yaksheswor Mahadev ‘s erotic carvings) and ambling over to the Potters’ Square  where traditional artisans will invite you to join them for some hands-on clay throwing on a wheel. It’s never as easy as it looks.

Walking and trekking

Nepal is the undisputed trekking centre of the world and no trip would be complete without a foray into the Himalaya. The scenery and views of the highest mountains in the world are spectacular even from low altitudes. Trekking needn’t be a feat of endurance and our private walks and treks can be tailored to your family and are led by experienced guides.  We travel with porters to carry your gear.

On hikes in the hills around Pokhara or something more challenging like trekking between lodges in the Annapurna, fascinating Himalayan rural life is all around; you set your own pace and can stop to visit local schools, markets and villages along the way. If children are too small to walk (or simply tired) we can provide child carriers or ponies.

River rafting and camping

The Seti River is ideal for families, we work with highly experienced crews and as you'd expect, there is a major emphasis on safety.  The rapids aren’t too ferocious, and much of the time is spent slowly drifting along watching the world go by. Camping on the riverbank is the perfect way to end the day.

Getting to know an elephant

Travelling by elephant into the steamy jungle of Chitwan National Park makes for a highly unusual experience, add to this searching for rhino and Bengal tiger and there will be a frisson of excitement that even the most jaded teenager won’t be able to hide.  Afterwards you'll also be able to join the elephants for their baths - and they'll make sure you have a shower too!