Staying under canvas brings you close to nature and far from the masses in the heart of Central India’s wilderness

Imagine discovering India’s wildlife away from the masses and the time to explore at your own pace. And making your safari on foot as well as by jeep and boat before retreating to your private camp deep in the heart of the jungle. It’s simple but comfortable and luxury comes in the form of a delicious dinner cooked by your private chef and served beneath a canopy of stars and waking to symphony of birdsong.

Satpura is one of the least visited parks in Central India, probably due to the difficulty in spotting tigers here, but it’s a haven for wildlife enthusiasts looking for an authentic safari experience and the chance to spend a night or two under canvas in the wilderness; camping is a way to feel you’re part of nature instead of just an observer passing through. Staying under canvas means your safari doesn’t end once you get back to camp.

Your private camp is pitched in a forest clearing when the Denwa River is in full spate and moved to its dry sandy river bed as it recedes later in the season and meanders its way through the rugged Satpura hills. The walk-in tents are spacious enough for a night or two with camp beds made up with crisp fresh linen and a separate bathroom tent all looked after by caring team of staff.

Camping and walking go hand in hand and we recommend that you spend plenty of time on foot with your expert guide, whether focussing on the smaller aspects of the forest like tracks and signs, flora, butterflies, wild flowers and insects, following in the footsteps of leopards or observing more common birds and mammals.