The wildebeest migration isn't all about river crossings...One of our favourite times is late May when the herds - in their hundreds of thousands - begin to move off the southern plains on their long journey north. 

After a period of plenty, spent happily grazing on the mineral-rich grasses of the southern Serengeti the wildebeest are feeling a little bit frisky and are ready for action.

Expect cavorting, showmanship, standoffs, the odd head to head tussle and long, long lines of wildebeest, looking purposeful, but heading in totally different directions.  Also, at this time of year, you can expect not to see too many other tourists…which we really like.

The action tends to be focused on the south west of the Serengeti, with the herds moving in the direction of the Western Corridor and the central Serengeti. Moru Kopjes is particularly worth visiting at this time of year also.