If you're thinking of travelling to the Serengeti to see the wildebeest migration, consider spending at least some of your time in a tented camp.  And don't make the mistake of thinking this means you need to rough it

These camps come in a variety of shapes and styles from simple, but incredibly comfortable ones like this through to luxury tented camps like Nomad's Serengeti Safari Camp.  As an experience, this is hard to beat if you value the opportunity to get under the skin of one of Africa's last pristine wildernesses - great service and food come as standard.  Contact us if you'd like a trip outline to see exactly how this could work for you.

The migration moves - so do the camps

The key thing to understand is that game in the Serengeti is a moveable feast.  The hot-spot one month may be deserted the next and while there's outstanding resident game in most parts of the Serengeti virtually year round, if you want to be able to access the wildebeest migration as it moves around the Serengeti, then a tented camp that can move seasonally is not only one of the most practical solutions, it also has a charm all of its own.  It's important to understand what this mobility means for you; the camp won't move while you're staying, but will up-sticks every couple of months to keep pace with the migrating animals as the move around the park.

The tented camps we use are all underpinned by the same core principles; we only work with experienced guides we've worked with for years, and the focus is on the quality of your game viewing.  Food and service are also of the highest standard. 

Shared or private?

One of the very best things to do if you're travelling with a group of friends or your family, is to take a private tented camp in the Serengeti. From an island of secluded civilisation you get the most extraordinary access to outstanding wildlife areas.  Free from the crowds that are a feature of the large safari lodges, the sound of generators and the harsh and unsympathetic lighting that shatters views of the African night sky.  What's more it's about as different to everyday life as you can get. 

Equally, you may like the idea of private game viewing with the chance to mingle with a few like minded souls in the evenings.  The shared camps generally have no more than 8 tents and ensure that each group has its own vehicle and guide for the duration of the safari.  As a result, your game viewing is conducted at a pace dictated by you, and there's no need to stop because someone else in your car has an unhealthy interest in animal droppings...or to feel uncomfortable if you do.  The point of this experience is to give you the best game viewing it's possible to have.

We've been using a selection of the best Serenget tented camps now for almost 20 years - if you'd like us to put together an outline itinerary and costs for you then just drop us an email