Kerala for families

An inquisitive look at Cochin, the Backwaters, farms and spice plantations for families from homestays and hill retreats

We think Kerala would be a good place to start exploring India. We’re used to travelling independently and love discovering new places but feel going to India with children warrants help and support.”

What we recommended and why

We suggested travelling to Kerala in February when days are dry and balmy. This tropical state is India’s most lush and laid back, and a visual and cultural feast for all the family.

A private vehicle with driver meant the family had plenty of flexibility to linger longer when something caught their interest, or move on when energy levels were flagging.

Our hand-picked hotels are well-located so that you can confidently head off under your own steam and explore some more after a guided introduction.

Keralites are very family orientated and welcome children with open arms. We recommended spending some time at a family homestay to participate in local life and enjoy Indian food at its best – home cooked.

We recommended including some well-known highlights of Kerala but discovering them in extraordinary ways. We left the car behind at times and explored by public bus and ferry, auto-rickshaw, on foot, bicycle and canoe - and even on elephant back.

The journey

Into the Kerala Backwaters; home cooking, canoeing, fishing & family life (3 nights)

Philip Kutty’s Farm

Philip Kutty’s Farm offers the chance to stay with a local family and experience the way of life in Kerala’s Backwaters while still...

Head to the hills - plantations, birds and a day with an elephant (2 night)

Shalimar Spice Garden

Almost hidden among the fruit and spice producing trees and plants on a hillside near Periyar, Shalimar Spice Garden is a relaxing...

Spice gardens & wild elephants, cycling and farms (3 nights)



Periyar Lake was formed by the building of a dam on the Periyar River at the end of the 19th century, and the area of forest around...

High in the hills at Munnar - plantations & the story of tea (2 nights)



The town of Munnar situated at an altitude of 1524m in the Western Ghats does not have much to recommend it, but its attraction...

To colonial Fort Cochin; cafes, fishing villages, ferries and dance (2 nights)

Old Harbour Hotel


Converted from an old colonial building that once belonged to a tea company, Old Harbour is a charming heritage hotel created by...

We had an amazing time. We loved India and the children adapted really well. There was just the right mix of activities and free time when we could relax together as a family”

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