Southern Madagascan Safari

Lemurs and Sifakas, varied landscapes, whales and dolphins - all well off the beaten track

We've been fortunate enough to do a number of wildlife safaris in different parts of Africa and we're now contemplating Madagascar. Our primary interest is natural history, over culture or history, but we'd rather be somewhere less visited and see less than somewhere on the main tourist trail. A couple of different locations would be ideal - good guiding, for mammals and birds, is important to us”

Charles and Jenny

What we suggested and why 

We began with a conversation to find out more about exactly what they were looking for. They were well-travelled clients and we were keen to ensure that while they saw some of Madagascar's unique flora and fauna it would be an experience that they enjoyed.

We recommended travelling between June and November when the weather in Madagascar is dry but not too hot and to boost the chances of seeing Humpback Whales migrating through.

In order to maximise the amount their time in interesting places on the ground, as opposed to time in a vehicle en-route from between one park and another, we suggested that they make use of the scheduled charter service between Tana and the south of the country.

A night in Tana on arrival is required due to the arrival time of the international flight and the early morning departure time of the internal flight - but this does allow both time to recover from the journey and a flavour of just how different this extraordinary country is to mainland Africa.

We suggested that they use the three hour scheduled charter flight straight down to the Ifotaka Community Forest, and stay at Mandrare River Camp - a small tented camp with excellent guiding and the option to do both day and night walks, exploring the Spiny Forest for lemurs, sifaka and birds. After four nights there it is another hop on a light aircraft, only an hour this time, down Fort Dauphin and then the drive along the coast to Manafiafy, another small tented camp with a distinctly safari style. The ecosystem is entirely different here being rainforest, mangrove and coast and while there is the option to simply flop on the beach there is also a lot of wildlife to be found in the area - including marine mammals.

The journey

Arrive in Tana - 1 night R&R



Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital city, is long on charm and offers a relaxed form of chaos reminiscent of other African cities a...

Fly down to Ifotaka - 4 nights Mandrare River Camp

Mandrare River Camp

Madagascar’s Deep South

Set upon the banks of the Mandrare River opposite the Ifotaka Spiny Forest, Mandrare River Camp offers Madagascar's most authentic...

Scheduled charter to Fort Dauphin - 4 nights Manafiafy


Madagascar’s Deep South

Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge is a beach resort with a difference - opened in 2010 offering wildlife and culture together with...

transfer back to Fort Dauphin and flight back to Tana



Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital city, is long on charm and offers a relaxed form of chaos reminiscent of other African cities a...

All creatures great and small - spot-on, just what we were looking for - the guiding in both camps was superb and brought the environment to life. Thank you.”

Charles and Jenny

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