One of our light mobile camps in a valley in the High Atlas Mountains

The luxurious bedroom of a Kasbah at the foot of the Atlas Mountains

Family Adventure in Morocco

Marrakech, a private camp in The High Atlas and R&R at the coast

We would like a family holiday of seven or so nights in Morocco. We have a window between 28 March and 12 April. We are an active family and don't mind moving around so a multi-site trip is fine. ”

The Jacobs family

What we suggested and why

We began by focussing on the trek, discussing duration as well as areas to visit - either the High Atlas Mountains or the Southern Desert are good in March and April. However, to get as far as the rolling dunes of the desert  would require a three night trek, taking them south through the Draa Valley and on beyond Zagora. 

As time was limited we settled on the High Atlas Mountains and designed the trek to combine both remote wilderness areas, as well as the opportunity to visit small mountain settlements. 

We began the trip in Marakech for just one night to allow a "hit" of the souk experience, followed by the private trek with our light mobile camp. At the end they finished on the coast at Essaouira for some time to unwind as well as to wander the narrow streets enjoying the history, cafes and souks.

The journey

A couple of days exploring Marrakech (2 nights)



Few cities can be as beautifully sited as Marrakech. The surrounding land is watered by abundant rivers and streams from the Atlas...

Into the High Atlas Mountains with a private camp carried by mules (3 nights)

Desert Light Mobile Camp

The Desert Light Mobile Camp is a private tented camp that we use to explore the wilder parts of Morocco from the Atlas Mountains...

Down to the coast for a few days relaxing (2 nights)

Villa Maroc


Villa Maroc was Essaouira’s original stylish riad, seen in tens of fashion shoots from the 1990s on, its backdrop all archways,...

All the arrangements worked flawlessly. That's never happened to me before and so now officially makes you my travel agent! The riads you selected worked perfectly, our mountain guides was, as advertised, absolutely wonderful.”

The Jacobs family

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