Namibia: Flying the Skeleton Coast

An unforgettable 3-day safari up the Skeleton Coast to the Angola border

I'm not too interested in fancy lodges, but would love to experience Namibia's deserts and wilderness in the best way possible. This will be a once only trip - Is the flying safari as good as I've heard??”

The Skeleton Coast Safari is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences you wish you could bottle and keep by your bed in case you feel like escaping reality for a few minutes.

Far beyond the paradigms of everyday life, the safari takes you to places you could only have imagined. Operated by the Schoeman family, the trip is a journey through Namibia’s phenomenal desert scenery; playground to the four brothers who guide you since childhood.

Unlike textbook guides, the knowledge these men have was acquired by osmosis through their upbringing alongside their wild and personable diamond-miner turned conservationist father.

From the rocky Khomas Hochland west of Windhoek, over the red sands of the Namib and up the thrashing Atlantic Coast, the journey is one of continual change. Flying low in a Cessna 210, you can really appreciate the beauty of nature’s design, and every now and then, you set down to get a closer look.

Much of the pleasure of the trip is in the many surprises each day and these shouldn't be spoiled here, suffice to say that every moment is unique and special.

The family own a series of small rustic camps where you overnight. As the only visitors in an otherwise empty area, it is peace and quiet at its most extreme. The camps are simple but adequate – everything you need but nothing you don’t.

Walk-in dome tents, bucket showers and shared flush toilets are more than adequate for a night in each place. The food is delicious, home-cooked fare prepared by a small team of dedicated staff.

Highlights of the trips include tracking desert elephant, drives into the “roaring" dunes of the Skeleton Coast in 50 year old landrovers, held together with rust and barnacles, and landing off piste in impossibly remote deserts for walks into ancient canyons to examine the geology and get a glimpse of “living fossil" plants.

At the end of the safari, you truly feel as though you have trodden where very few people have been before and that is indeed a privilege.

The journey

The safari begins in the quirky sea-side town of Swakopmund




Swakop (as it is affectionately known) is a funky mix of historic architecture and adrenalin activity with a sleepy German-village...

Flying the Skeleton Coast - wrecks and seals

Skeleton Coast


Skeleton Coast

Sounding like something out of a pirate movie, the Skeleton Coast is indeed littered with the carapaces of ships that didn’t make a...

Up to the Border with Angola

The Kunene Region


The Kunene Region

The Kunene region encompasses the far northwest of Namibia - certainly one of the least accessible and seldom visited areas of...

Quotation Mark
Over the years the Schoemans have perfected what they do, not only the complicated logistics of supplying and maintaining such remote camps, and the planes and Land Rovers, but the pacing and presentation of the safari. It unfolds like a three-act play, with thrills, laughs and intermissions in all the right places, and a steadily building sense of drama.”

Richard Grant - The Telegraph

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