Namibia off the beaten track

Damaraland, Skeleton Coast & Namib Desert on a private mobile safari

We're a family with two kids. We'd love to do the skeleton coast but can't afford the flying safari. We hope to see Namib Naukluft and get into the dunes and desert scenery - love the idea of a private trip, but we're budget conscious (but don’t want a mediocre trip either!) What can you suggest? ”

What we recommended - and why

Self drive trips are excellent in Namibia, but if you're striking off road and looking to get properly into the wild, you need to be in the company of a local expert.

So we recommended a private camping safari, off the beaten track and led by an expert guide. These trips are a wonderful way for a family to enjoy an adventure and are extraordinarily good value.

The itinerary took them from Swakopmund south to Sandwich Lagoon, a birding wetland of international importance at the northern end of the Sossuvlei dune chain. From here they continued to the Kuiseb Delta and Namib Naukluft Park, an intriguing area with incredible landscape and a variety of wildlife.

From here they continued to the Messum Crater and the seal colony at Cape Cross before finishing in Damarland where desert rhino and elephant are frequently seen.

Camping was simple but comfortable, starlit and campfire oriented!  Home cooked food, South African wines and stories around the campfire.

These safaris are inspirational for children: experiences are myriad, from sandboarding dunes, to tracking rhino and learning about fragile desert ecology.

The journey

Begin at Swakopmund (1 night)



Swakop (as it is affectionately known) is a funky mix of historic architecture and adrenalin activity with a sleepy German-village...

Head south with the private camp (2 nights)

Namib-Naukluft and Surrounds


Huge orange waves of sand as far as the eye can see, the Namib dune-fields hug the Atlantic coast south of Walvis Bay. Chief...

Up the Skeleton Coast with private camp (2 nights)

Skeleton Coast


Sounding like something out of a pirate movie, the Skeleton Coast is indeed littered with the carapaces of ships that didn’t make a...

Into Damaraland with private camp (2 nights)



Damaraland is a stark, perpetually surprising landscape of red rock mountains interspersed with some pretty tenacious vegetation...

Relaxing at the end (2 nights)

Kulala Desert Lodge


The pointed thatched roofs of the “kulalasî are set against the backdrop of the Namib’s red dunes. Wave-like patterns are cast into...

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