Kwazulu Natal for families

Farm-stays, battlefield tours, mountain walks, abseiling and the coast

We're a family of four looking for plenty of variety and spot of adventure (nothing too extreme...). We like the idea of doing the battlefield tours - are they any good for children? Also very keen on our food and wine! We've got a couple of weeks, what would you suggest?”

Kwazulu Natal is a wonderful region to explore on self-drive trip, using a well thought-through combination of small lodges and homestays, for which this part of South Africa is rightly known. All are very well equiped for families. Most have swimming pools and - unsurprsingly for South Africa - most have a healthy obsession with the outdoors.

We selected a handful of small farm-stays where the owners take particular trouble over their menus and used these for the back-bone of the trip. By day the family were able to head off to local towns or explore as they liked and there were plenty of low-key activtites available which could be arranged on the spot - from mountain biking, to tubing in rivers, to hill walking, riding and more.

Perhaps best of all for the parents, these places are also wonderful for doing absolutely nothing, but enjoying sunshine a glass or two of wine and a good book.

Moving to another home-stay, we organised a range of mountain activities in the Drakensberg, beginning with some gentle day-walks and culminating in a day spent learning to abseil in the hands of a professional mountain guide.

The battlefield tours were a complete contrast to this. The historian-guides here have an astonishing abilty to engage their audience (including children) and paint a vivid picture of the horrific battles that took place here in the latter part of the 19th Century, complete with gory details. This is an object lesson in how history ought to be taught, with spell-binding narrative and passion that leaves the audience hanging on every word.

At the end we found a small lodge tucked away in the north of the wild Isimangaliso Wetlands where the family spent three nights before flying home.

The journey

Spend a few days relaxing in a variety of homestays exploring different parts of KZN (5 nights)

Kwazulu Natal Homestays

Kwazulu Natal

The rolling farm land of Kwazulu Natal with its backdrop of lakes and the ever-present Drakensberg make for a seductive place to...

Into the Mountains - rock and white-water (2 nights)

The Drakensberg


The Drakensberg Mountain range, which runs for more than 1000 km, is one of the dominant features of Kwazulu Natal and must be one...

A bit of history - 2 days walking the battle fields of the Zulu Wars and 2 at the Boer War (4 nights)

Zulu War Battlefields


If you’re travelling through Kwazulu Natal, take the chance to walk the battlefields of Isanlwana and Rorke’s Drift with a...

Down to the coast (3 nights)

iSimangaliso Wetland Park


The iSimangaliso Wetland Park - previously known as the St Lucia Wetlands – lie on the east coast of South Africa north of Durban,...

An incredible two weeks - kids loved it, particularly dangling off strings in the Drakensberg. Highlights for us were the Isandlwana and Spioenkop tours - VERY moving. And probably the best beef we've ever had at Dalmore. Thanks so much for putting such a great trip together for us.”

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