Game viewing at Easter in parts of Northern Tanzania is spectacular

Ol Donyo Lengai from the Gol Mountains

Creeping up on elephant in the Selous game reserve

Tanzania: Easter family adventure

Epic wilderness, few other tourists, stunning wildlife in Tanzania

We're a family of 4 (with two boys aged 9 and 11) looking to travel to Africa for 2 to 3 weeks at Easter. Seeing animals is our primary goal. We'd like to camp, don't need luxury, would like to include some time on the beach and would like to be away from crowds. Any suggestions?”

Evelyn and family

What we suggested - and why

We suggested a safari in Tanzania. Contrary to many people's understanding game viewing is still excellent at Easter if you go to the right places. This despite (or in some cases because of) the potential for storms at this time of year. 

After discussion with the family we decided to include Selous Reserve in Southern Tanzania to give the family the opportunity to walk and boat as well as enjoy open topped vehicle game drives. 

The Gol Mountains to the east of the Serengeti comes into it’s own in March/April and here we set up a private camp for superb walking and game drives with the migration herds, spreading across this area from southern Serengeti.

At Ngorongoro they stayed in a permanent tented camp that supports an orphanage.  They had a private guide with them throughout their time in northern Tanzania and enjoyed time at a small tented camp in the Selous with shared game viewing activities. 

The itinerary finished with a stay at one of the favourite beach lodges in Zanzibar.

The journey

The trip begins in Dar (1 night)

Dar Es Salaam


It would be unfair to deny that Dar has something of its own unmistakable character, so if you're spending a night here out of...

Off to the Selous (1 night)

Selous Game Reserve


Vast remote and wild, the Selous is the largest game reserve in Africa and a dramatic contrast to other parks in Tanzania in almost...

Up to the Ngorongoro Crater (2 nights)

Ngorongoro Crater


Unique is a thoroughly overused word, but it really does apply to the Ngorongoro Crater. This is the largest unbroken caldera in...

Going off piste...(2 nights)

The Gol Mountains


The Gol Mountains are remote and stunning - highly seasonal wildlife means there are no permenant lodges, making it perfect for a...

Into Serengeti (3 nights)

Light Mobile Camp

Our approach with the Light Mobile Camp has been to emphasize the ingredients that give a safari its unique flavour - an excellent...

Hitting the coast (3 nights)

Zanzibar Island


Zanzibar, along with nearby Pemba Island lies just off the coast of Tanzania and is a heady mix of tropical island life and...

A bit of culture (1 night)

Zanzibar Stone Town


Stone Town is a town like no other. We could talk here in many cliches: of the town's dark and mysterious atmosphere born of a...

“We had a great time in Tanzania. Going at the time of year that we did meant that we saw virtually no other tourists, and yet got no rain. The Selous was definitely our favourite, such a wild and wonderful place with fantastic guides, but the whole trip was marvelous. I am almost worried about what to do next as I fear that nothing will be nearly as good. (That being said, I am considering Bhutan for two weeks in March 2015 and would like to work with you again!””

Evelyn and family

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