At February half term areas of Northern Tanzania can be at their best; green and full of wildlife, but away from the crowds

For a truly authentic wilderness experience, escape with a light mobile camp for a few days

Get out on foot with an experienced armed safari guide

And encounter plenty of large african mammals on your safari

Tanzania February Half-Term Safari

Big game & wilderness off piste in Northern Tanzania

We're after a family safari, but can only travel in school holidays. How flexible can your team be with dates? If we book flights now based on our children's school year, will you be able to accommodate the dates we choose?”

What we recommended and why

February in Northern Tanzania is a stunning month - the harshness of the long dry season has ended and the short grass plains of the Southern Serengeti are covered in a blanket of nutricious short grass. With this grass comes the arrival of the wildebeest herds from their northern range as more than a million animals flood through the Serengeti to the south.

By February the herds are ready to give birth, and half a million female wildebeest all prepare to drop their calves withing the space of a week. Other animals and birdlife abound, synchronising their life cycles to this extraordinary event. Young animals are numerous as are predators; cheetah stalk the plains, lion prides sprawl in the shade of trees, leopard, while illusive as ever, are never far away. Hyena and jackals compete daily for the spoils.

All of this made travelling in February half term a superb time for wildlife viewing. For the family the whole trip was done with one of our excellent private guides and a private vehicle, combining several varied and game-filled areas within the north in one mini-expedition.

The key to these trips is the flexibilty they bring.  Our light mobile camps are ideal for families who want to experience something simple but comfortable. The safaris are highly personalised with guides understand how to engage children at a deeper level. This means stopping as often as anyone likes (without having to wait while a stranger photographs small brown birds).

In the mornings they could be up with dawn, returning to camp in time for sunset - of if everyone was feeling a little lazy that day - have a relaxed breakfast in camp followed by a gentle morning game drive. The safari was finished with a private walking safari in the Serengeti Wilderness Zone.

We recommended ringing the changes with a mix of small tented camps and small lodges. We made sure there was time to visit villages, orphanages, walk and explore. And at the end Zanzibar was just a short hop away for some beach time and fresh sea-food.

The journey

Kick off in Arusha (1 night)

Arusha National Park


Arusha Park is just a few kilometres north east of Arusha and has a rich variety of wildlife, despite the small size of the park....

Light camp at the quiet southern end of Manyara (2 nights)

Manyara Light Tented Camp

Imagine exploring Northern Tanzania’s parks and wildlife away from the hubub of mass tourism, having the time to travel at your own...

Up into the Ngorongoro Highlands (1 night)

Ngorongoro Crater


Unique is a thoroughly overused word, but it really does apply to the Ngorongoro Crater. This is the largest unbroken caldera in...

Onto the Serengeti Short Grass Plains (2 nights)

Serengeti National Park


There’s a good reason the Serengeti’s the best known safari destination in the world. Even if you exclude the Wildebeest Migration...

Walking safari (1 night)

Light Mobile Camp

Our approach with the Light Mobile Camp has been to emphasize the ingredients that give a safari its unique flavour - an excellent...

Finish with some R&R on Zanzibar

Zanzibar Island


Zanzibar, along with nearby Pemba Island lies just off the coast of Tanzania and is a heady mix of tropical island life and...

I didn't understand what a luxury experience we would have, nor how relaxing the lack of the usual camping chores would be! Our trip was terrific from start to finish. Vanessa helped us immensely with the planning, and she was very patient with our many questions and silly anxieties. The guys on the ground were top-notch and the camps were first rate, well-sited and well-run. ”

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