Guide-led Virunga safari

Africa's most diverse National Park, Gorilla, Chimps, Eles, Buffalo, Hippos, sensational birding and ascending an active volcano

Nothing can compare with the beauty of the gorillas, the walking safari and inauguration of Lulimbi, or the experience of the volcano. What a wonderful trip! A souvenir for life! ”

Mrs E. Piccard

Rod led a group of six very well travelled Swedes in to the Virunga NP for a week long-safari in July 2016. "This Park had been our radars for some time and when the opportunity arose, combined with a window of calm in the Congo, we jumped at it".

We began by doing a couple of consecutive days Gorilla trekking at Bukima a fabulous experience that can never fail to impress - "at the briefing we were instructed to stay seven metres away from the Gorillas but at times it was less than a meter as these awesome gentle giants lumbered past us".

Next-up it was a hour-long drive and thirty minute flight to Lulimbi - a brand new camp in the central sector of the park, proper savannah and a million miles from the thick montane forest that the gorillas inhabit. "This was more familiar Africa with lots of elephant, hippos, topi, kob and buffalo and an opportunity to walk amongst them all. Wonderful to be the inaugral guests in a camp that will hopefully have a long and happy future."

Mikeno was the next stop - nerve centre of the Virunga and an opportunity to meet some of the folk who are involved in saving this great Park, see the Sekwekwe centre which features heavily in the Virunga documentary and watch the Congo Bloodhounds at work. "It was great to see the conservation effort at first hand and to know that our presence is in some small part assisting their work. We also successfully tracked down a local group of Chimps and ticked off a few lifers". 

A change of pace the following day as we climbed Nyiragongo - Africa's largest active volcano. "There was some trepidation within the group about this as it is a signifcant ascent (1994m to 3470m) but to camp above the lava lake is an experience that defies description or photography. The walk up is steady but not technical and much more vegetated than I imagined - we were all absolutely delighted to do it and it was an absolute highlight".

After descending Nyiragongo we drove back in to the colourful, vibrant, chaos that is Goma and in to the fish market to catch our boat across to Tchegera Island "the perfect retreat to relax in after the exertions of the volcano climb and reflect on an incredible week".

The journey

2 days at Bukima camp a chance to see Mountain Gorillas

Bukima Tented Camp

Virunga NP

Bukima Tented Camp is all about Mountain Gorillas - set immediately adjcent to the Virunga Park boundary this tented camp was...

2 days at the brand new Lulimbi Camp in the central sector for more familiar plains game

Lulimbi Camp

Virunga NP

Lulimbi Camp is brand new in July 2016 and a Natural High Safari were their first ever guests. Set on the Ishasha River, with...

a day at the Park HQ tracking Chimps & meeting conservationists

Mikeno Lodge

Virunga NP

Mikeno Lodge is the most permanent and comfortable of all the accommodation on offer in Virunga. Spacious stone thatched cottages,...

climb Nyiragongo Volcano

Nyiragongo Shelters

Virunga NP

Nyiragongo is a beautiful volcanic mountain that features the world’s largest lava lake - a mesmerising sight that largely defies...

relax and reflect in Tchegera Private Island

Tchegera Island Camp

Virunga NP

Tchegra Island Camp is an outlier from the rest of Virunga NP, a partially submerged caldera off the norhern shore of Lake Kivu...

Thanks for great guiding and companionship during our fantastic expedition - we are all very happy with the safari!”

Mr R. Karlberg

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