Zambia: Five-day Walking Safari

A proper walking expedition in Zambia's South Luangwa National Park

My wife and I would like to do an authentic walking safari. Happy to join a group, we like birds but are not fanatics and don't like it too hot, rough or tough!”

John Friend

What we recommended - and why

Sniffing out a really good walking safari is perhaps a little trickier than it may first appear. Many countries in Africa offer walking safaris, and the majority of camps in countries famed for walking safaris may offer them. However not all walking is alike.

Sometimes we hear people say "walking is about the little stuff - the birds and the bugs" but it really doesn't have to be all about footprints and faeces. The best walking most definitely takes place within big-game country, that is part of the allure, but the point of course is not to get in to trouble but to avoid it - which is why you have two people at the top of their game (namely a guide and an armed ranger) to show you around.

The secret of really good walking is proper wilderness, where you can not see or hear jeeps, boats or planes - cross roads or encounter camps. And for this you need to go to a place dedicated to the art-form - where they are pushing against the rising tide of progress and keeping a little bit of paradise pristine. Happily there are a couple of options in Zambia for this - some more expeditionary than others.

We recommend that you start off with a night in a camp in the South Luangwa where you can get your bearings, meet the rest of the party and, crucially have a game-drive in order to get a "big-game fix" before setting out on foot, because inevitably you do see less than in a jeep - you may sometimes feel closer but the game is more skittish and you cover less ground - and so it's a good idea to scratch that itch and see a multitude of mammals from the back of a jeep before the big walk.

The five day mobile along the Mupamadzi river is unique in Zambia in that it is a set departure with limited slots in a fairly short season. All the six participants travel together, and the likelihood is that you are all in search of the same thing. An authentic walking safari -  where while more than adequate comfort is provided the emphasis remains steadfastly on what is outside the tent.

Typically covering staying at three seperate sites in five days and walking West-East this is a proper expedition. Multiple game-encounters are likely and enthusiastically pursued - but underlying it all is a sense of journey (aka safari).

The journey

Rendezvous at Base Camp



Arriving at Nkwali is like coming into an oasis of calm and efficiency.  Built under a grove of large ebony trees the eight airy...

The five day trek

Mupamadzi Mobile Safaris

Mupamadzi Mobile Safaris

The Mupamadzi Mobiles are unusually expeditionary in their nature and all the better for it. A truly old-school foot-safari deep in...

Debrief in comfort



Part of the value of visiting Nsefu is it's sense of history.   Nsefu was originally owned by Norman Carr and was one of the...

Quotation Mark
Spot-on - the combination of doing the camps before and after the walk worked really well. Particularly enjoyed the camaraderie of our little party!”

John and Wendy Friend

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