When’s the best time to visit Ruaha?

The best time of year to visit Ruaha - the time when sand river tributaries like the Mwayangi, Mwagusi and Mdonya draw large quantities of animals to drink, is between June and October.  In many ways, Ruaha is a little like Tarangire in this way in being an archetypal dry season park. It’s criss-crossed with a network of rivers and sand rivers, many of which retain good clear drinking water (often under the sand) through even the most extreme of Ruaha’s intense dry seasons.

This means that game here follows the predictable pattern of dispersing during the wet season and congregating around the remaining water courses between the months of June and October as things get more and more parched. This makes June - October the best time for game viewing, so if you haven’t experienced Ruaha in the dry season, you have a treat in store.

Having lived in Ruaha for a number of years, including 3 wet seasons, we'd would also suggest that the time between November (or whenever the short rains come, which is often much later than this) and the beginning of April, is well worth seeing.

Of course it’s less expensive to visit Ruaha at this time of year because there’s less demand and that’s an advantage worth considering in itself.  But there's a host of things to see, from bird life to previously dry rivers flowing to a range of animal behaviour that you wont see at any other time of the year, all of which add up to some compelling reasons to travel to Ruaha in the low season, with February (theoretically a green and dry month) probably being the best choice.

Posted by: Alex

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