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A collection of our amazing journeys that will inspire you to get up and go on

"To live in one land, is captivity; to runne all countries a wild roguery"

Travel is liberating, as true then as it is today, breaking with the familiar to unwind, reset, and explore. At Natural High we take our clients on a journey not to a destination, with every trip tailored to individual needs and interests.

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"We need the tonic of wildness.... We can never have enough of nature."

Social animals we may be but everyone values the chance to drop off the radar once in a while. Here are twenty of our most beguiling escapes from across the globe.

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There's a whiff of nostalgia in the air, mixed with a dash of optimism...

... as some of Africa's greatest safari destinations re-emerge in the sunlight. Chief among these is Zimbabwe. We also focus on Uganda - The Pearl of Africa. And Rod gives us the run down on great apes.

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Finding myself alone in a forested bowl at dusk, surrounded by hundreds of fireflies...

In this issue Alex travels through Madagascar on the notorious RN5 to the wonderful Masaola Peninsula. We have two more epic journeys for you; Rod takes you into the little known backwaters of Ruaha in Southern Tanzania while Andrea shares an Indian odyssey in Satpura.

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Think of Africa and for most the colours and sights of the dry season come to mind.

As the first storms break, there’s a collective release of breath and young mammals are everywhere. So in this issue we’re highlighting a number of parts of Africa that - for quite different reasons - you might relish as a way to see a very different side to the bush.

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"It's impossible to travel faster than light...

...and certainly not desirable, as one’s hat keeps blowing off.” Like Woody Allen, we prefer our travel slow at Natural High. What’s more we’ve found it’s worth paying close attention to where others are heading. Then going in the opposite direction. This edition we’ve got a couple of perfect examples for you.

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