When’s the best time to visit Selous, Tanzania?

The best time to visit the Selous (for ease of game viewing) is during the dry season, between late June and October.  As with other parks that flourish in the dry, this is a simple equation between the increasing shortage of water as the dry season progresses and the requirement for animals to congregate around remaining rivers and lakes as a result of this.  Added to this is the fact that vegetation naturally thins out as the dry progresses, making it easier to see animals.  Jump straight to our favourite experiences in the Selous and Tanzania.

However, if you're motivated by more than just numbers of animals, don't rule out other times of the year like early June, which is lush and green and cool (by Selous standards at least).  November to March is in total contrast to the rest of the year with the reserve an almost day-glo green.  More than ever sheer numbers of animals isn't a valid way of qualifying the experience on offer.  Selous is rarely somewhere to expect huge concentrations of game (head to Serengeti for this), but what it will offer is a quality of game viewing that is hard to beat;  large animals seen on foot, quiet drifts down languid rivers, long lunches overlooking lakes and waterholes.  Above all our advice would be approach the Selous with an open mind and dont rush it and you wont be disappointed.

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Posted by: Alex

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