Okavango Delta

The largest inland delta in the world, Okavango offers visitors vast spreads of lagoons, channels and forests.


Okavango Delta Safaris

A vast spread of reed islands, forests, and lagoons trail across North Botswana and disappears into the sands of the Kalahari to create the Okavango Delta. As you can imagine, birdlife is spectacular here and the game viewing is particularly special.

While most other safari trips will have you view the game by car, visitors to Okavango Delta view the animals by boat, giving you a completely different perspective to the traditional bumpy and dusty game drives. Wildlife movements are dictated by the ebb and flow of the water systems, so it’s a good idea to know which area is best to visit at which time of year.

Activities offered in Okavango range from water-based to game drives and walking, depending on where in the delta you are. Some areas are also located where both land and water activities are available, though which of those you can do will be dictated by the time of year. It’s also worth noting that night drives and walks may be offered on private concessions, but not within the park.

There are a few camps and lodges available for you to stay in throughout the delta, but thanks to the intensive network of channels and numerous islands, you’re unlikely to bump into anyone else, giving the illusion that you have the entire area to yourself.

The range of accommodation is huge, and you can choose from everything between more traditional camps and upscale private lodges. Tented lodges on wooden platforms are firm favourites for visitors to the delta. All of the camps in the Okavango Delta are relatively small, due to the carefully controlled development of tourism in the area, but there is the option to stay in some fantastically luxurious camps. 

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To Reasons To Visit Okavango Delta

Often the best safaris involve looking beyond the obvious highlights. It’s about the exhilarating encounters that will make your heart sing. These are encounters that nobody could ever predict, but that make your safari genuinely unique.

Best time to go visit the Okavango Delta

While the Okavango Delta is considered a year-round safari destination, visitors are often most interested in having the opportunity to take to the water to see the animals. June to August make up the wettest months, giving you the best chance for a mokoro safari.

Many animals migrate to the delta during these wetter months, taking advantage of the lush new vegetation growing from the wet conditions. This, along with the mild weather and dry climate makes for fantastic game-viewing and, arguably, the best time to visit the Okavango Delta for a safari trip. This is also when the weather starts heating up for the upcoming drier months. 

September and October make up the hottest and driest months in the area. As the heat rises, watering holes dry up, forcing the animals closer together to drink from the remaining water sources. This is also the time when it’s easier to complete the safari trip by car or on foot, giving you a different perspective of the delta.

For a quieter trip, it’s best to visit during the rainy season from November to April. While there are fewer tourists, this season offers breathtaking views of the lush greenery while transforming the area into a spectacular bird-watching paradise.

Best time to go visit the Okavango Delta

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Our Favourite Camps & Lodges

When it comes to accommodation, there’s a huge range of choice available for every budget and every trip type. For an all-encompassing experience, we recommend mixing and matching accommodation types, from light tented camps immersed in the wild to stylish luxury camps where you can kick back without missing any of the action.
Duba Plains

The camp commands stunning views over the plains and the open fronted dining room gives a very pleasant feeling of being a part of the landscape.

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Chitabe Camp

Situated as it is, on the edge of the Delta, on an island bordering the Moremi Game Reserve in the south-eastern perennial Delta area.

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Pelo Camp

Located on an island deep in the Okavango, the focus at Pelo is firmly on the water based activities.

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Chitabe Lediba Camp

Chitabe Lediba is designed along almost identical lines as neighbouring Chitabe Camp, and is within walking distance.

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The camp is on the northern edge of the Delta in a private concession and is simple but comfortable in true mobile style.

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Jacana Camp

Jacana is a charming little camp, centrally located in the permanent Delta on a private concession, 25km west of Mombo.

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Jao Camp

The camp has been carefully designed and laid out and the overall impression is one of style, quality and indulgence.

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Comfortable and unpretentious, Kanana is a good base for exploring the Delta or just enjoying the peace of the African bush.

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Kwetsani Camp

The camp is centrally located in the permanent Delta on a heavily wooded island within a private concession west of Mombo.

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Little Vumbura

Little Vumbura is on the northern edge of the Delta in the 100,000ha Kwedi Reserve. It is a small, comfortable camp that providing excellent game viewing opportunities.

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Nxabega (meaning “Place of the Giraffe”) is a simple though elegant camp on the southern edge of the Delta.

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Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge

Each suite has a private plunge pool and cosy fireplace. This is a camp with everything you could want and more.

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Tubu Tree Camp

The camp is unfussy but has a very high standard of decor and facilities, with a small plunge pool and sundeck.

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Vumbura Plains

Vumbura Plains consists of two small separate camps Vumbura Plains and {Little Vumbura}, both of which are linked by wooden walkways.

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Okavango Delta (FAQS) NEED TO KNOW

Is an Okavango Delta safari suitable for children?

More and more camps are focusing on creating family-friendly experiences for visitors, making the Okavango Delta ideal for families with young children. The team at Natural High will be able to go through all of the activities on offer to create a life-changing safari experience that the whole family will treasure for years to come. Adventures like game drives, mokoro safaris, hot air balloon rides, and helicopter trips can all be arranged. 

What is the best way to explore the Okavango Delta?

A typical day on safari starts early, ensuring that you’re up and on your first drive or trip in time to see the animals wake up and start their own day. You’ll enjoy a delicious, hearty breakfast in the morning to give you the energy needed for the day ahead. The delta offers visitors a huge range of ways to explore, including traditional game drives and walking safaris, boat trips, mokoro excursions, horse riding, and even quad biking.

Your time at camp or in your lodge should be spent resting, so you’re kept energised for all the activities on offer. As safari trips are generally intense, and made up of long days, we recommend breaking up your time on safari with some much needed moments of rest and relaxation to ensure you’re not left exhausted by the end of your holiday. Our expert guides will be able to help you craft the perfect trip.

What is the accommodation at the Okavango Delta like?

The delta provides visitors with a huge range of accommodation to choose from, whether it’s an understated campside for a more low-key affair, or a luxurious lodge that doesn’t skimp on any of the comforts you’re used to at home.

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