Verreaux's Sifaka flies through the spiny forest

Collared Brown Lemur is restricted to the extreme south east of Madagascar

Spiny Forest near the Mandrare River - a peculiarly Madagascan biome

The south gives access to authentic cultural experiences - as well as wildlife and the sea

empty beaches are a big feature of the south of the country

Madagascar’s Deep South

Ring-tailed lemurs aplenty and a wild empty coastline dotted with shipwrecks, whales and dolphins

The deep south of Madagascar is home of the Spiny Forest, probably the most unusual and bizarre ecosystem in this bizarre and unusual country - it's also particularly challenging to reach overland and consequently receives less visitors than most top spots.

For those that make the journey there is a huge amount to see and do while getting down there is not particularly onerous with regular scheduled flights from Tana to Taolagnaro (Fort Dauphin) as well as the option to charter.

Ring-tailed lemurs are a big draw here -  arguably the most charismatic and photogenic of all Madagascar's primates, living in large groups of 6 to 25 individuals and, unusually, spending a huge amount of time on the ground. The other-worldly semi-arid Spiny Forest is their natural stomping ground and there is ample opportunity to closely observe them - either at the famous Berenty Reserve which has been protecting wildlife for over a century and who's pioneering research on lemurs has been ongoing for over 40 years, or for a wilder experience the Ifotaka Forest is a community protected area with a superbly run camp nearby.

The other big attraction of the south is the coast - endless empty beaches and coves which are frequented by Bottle-nosed Dolphins year-round and Humpback Whales in season (June to November) and extensive mangove forests to explore. While the deep south lies just below the Tropic of Capricorn but it certainly doesn't feel any less tropical than the rest of the island.


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