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Kichaka Safari Camp

Kichaka Safari Camp in Ruaha National Park is a shining example of how to quietly get the best from the African bush.  A simple and traditional bush camp, it sits in a quiet corner of one of Africa’s most beautiful and under-rated national parks offering proper walks and flycamps, as well as traditional game drives, in an intensely game-rich area.

Even when we were cutting our teeth living in Ruaha 20 years ago, people were hailing it as the latest secret, yet somehow it's managed to remain slightly off the tourist radar. Even those who do visit see only a fraction of this park which covers an area the size of Switzerland. Vast herds of elephant up to 100 or more strong feed along the river lines, numerous prides of lion stalk the massive buffalo herds that drink daily on the rivers.

Leopard galore frequent this park and a wide variety of antelope from Greater and Lesser Kudu to Roan, Sable, Grants Gazelle feed on its plains. For the moment at least, Ruaha still manages to feel like the lost world.

So the heart sings to find that camps like Kichaka still exist. Despite the pressures to conform to a model of material luxury that seems to infect most safari camps these days, Kichaka still feels like safari camps did twenty years ago.  You are reminded of the wonderful quality of surprise which safaris should be all about. Experiencing a park like this should not be A.N other hotel experience - and nor is it.

With only 4 tents and a simple but airy mess tent the material side to this camp is minimalist, but it has been put together with real love and attention to detail by owners Moli and Noelle. Their enthusiasm and pioneering spirit is truly infectious, but it’s also backed up by serious know-how.  With more than 10 years experience in the bush in Southern Tanzania, a good chunk of which is here in Ruaha, they know more than most how to run safaris in this idiosyncratic part of the world.

Noelle produces extraordinarily, delicious and imaginative food and creates a warm heart to this camp. By day Moli captivates with his Christopher-Lloyd-mad-professor style delivery on every subject from tannin production in acacia trees to elephant population dynamics. 

If you remember what safaris used to be like 20 years ago and you pine for the wonderful simplicity in one of Africa's really special wild places, then look no further.

One of the best places in Africa for proper walking safaris supported by flycamps over several days. Each group is totally private and activities can be tailored to suit. 

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